Fitness 2014: The Best Fitness Routines This Year

Best Fitness RoutinesThe year 2014 has just begun and you probably have your own list of resolutions. If you are one of those individuals who beforehand had a bucket full of complaints about your physique, then it is about to step it up a notch, don’t you think? This year, you are presented with a wide array of fitness routines and finding the right one which will suit your needs would be pretty easy. On top of that, you could even perform your exercises in a more fashionable manner. Provided below are the hottest workouts for the year 2014. Choose the one you like the most. Regardless of what your choice is, one of these will help you get in tip top shape.

The first fitness routine is the HIIT also known as High Intensity Interval Training. This would be the perfect workout for people on the go. Living in a fast paced world would require you to adapt your busy schedule which means you may have to forego that time consuming exercise. With this new routine, you can have that short yet energizing workout which can easily be crammed into your hectic schedule. Plus, this routine has its own perks. You will still be able to burn those unwanted fats even after you leave the gym.

Piloxing is another great routine and it is one of the trending fitness workouts for this year. This specific workout is unique. It is an integration of boxing and Pilates which are two of the most notable workouts. Boxing will bolster up Best Fitness Routines1your speed, strength and sharpness while Pilates will improve your versatility and muscle mass. With this combination, you will be able to burn those unwanted calories, tone your muscles and of course, boost your stamina. One particular feature of this routine is that you will be wearing weighted gloves throughout the entire session plus a heart pumping music.

Military fitness is the third workout trend for the year 2014. If you are getting tired of working out on that boring treadmill then you will find this particular training truly exciting. This outdoor exercise program is not only fun but serious at the same time. Expert and Ex-military trainers will be helping you achieve the fitness level that you desire. Furthermore, you will be training and burning those calories along with other fitness enthusiasts who also aim to become physically fit this year.

These three are only a few of the greatest physical workouts for this year. Choose one and get started.

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