Shore Up And Strengthen Your Resolution Become Fit

Shore Up And Strengthen Your Resolution Become FitJanuary is the first month of the year and is considered the cruelest and the most savage month for people to become fit. According to recent studies, there are many people who intend to abandon their routine workout in two weeks’ time after they began their New Year’s resolution. Some who are determined to do their physical exercises will stop in four months’ times and around 2% who doesn’t want to undergo such activities will start and making themselves fit.

Many people do not realize the importance of becoming fit. It is involves the physiological, psychological, and genetic aspects of one’s life. An example of genetic factor occurs with a twin. They have been observed that they used the same patterns; they have the will to do an exercise, and are motivated—all of which they might have inherited from their parents. Psychological because personality plays a biggest role, some people who are extrovert are more focused than the introvert one. This is according to the reviews done by a British Journal, Sports Medicine.

Some quit from their workout due to some reasons. People quite don’t know when or where to do their exercise according to Ryan Rhodes, a professor and an expert on behavioral medicine in the University of Victoria, British Columbia.

Shore Up And Strengthen Your Resolution Become Fit1Dr. Rhodes suggested that people should strengthen their goal to become fit; they need a strong mindset so that their body gets the proper exercise to become fit and healthy. This is in order to attain their ideal body weight and to have a pleasing personality or appearance. He emphasized that intentions should turn to behavior, not just plan but to take actions. Finding the right exercise designed for you so you keep the fire on. Attending a class in Zumba is one example.

A study published in the Preventive Medicine last year using rewards as a motivator. Rewards are good using limited and reasonable value. One hundred seventeen freshmen college students are the respondents; they will be paid ten dollars in a week if they will be able to comply to visit their school gym regularly. But it failed because only sixty three percent met the agreed goals.

This clearly shows that lack of interest is not motivated by giving cash.

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